Like any business owners, we know that the term "holiday" is one you use with a grain of salt.  So, even though the shop closes for a few weeks to avoid the worst of Tokanui's winter chill, we don't really stop.  Sheila will set up camp at her kitchen table and continue to liase with clients about their interior styling projects.  Sarah paints in her studio at home with a gorgeous fox terrier for company and I will take over the floor of my lounge to roll out and cut fabric, or maybe disassemble a chair or two (as long as I don't leave any "Bloody tacks" on the floor for my husband to stand on.  So we use the term holiday pretty loosely.  We have plenty of customer projects to continue with, and will no doubt be braving the cold of the shed occasionally to strip woodwork or staple fabric to chairs.  Keep up to date with our weekly happenings on our blog and, as always, you can shop online with us.  Stay warm and we will see you soon......


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